In recent days, the financial news has been abuzz with speculation about Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s potential reforms to the UK’s non-domiciled (’non-dom‘) tax status in the upcoming budget announcement. While it’s tempting to dive into predictions and potential outcomes, I believe such speculation is best left until after the official word is released (more to...
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Founded in 1856 by the Swiss railway pioneer Alfred Escher, Credit Suisse has long been seen as a symbol of everything good about Switzerland: Strong, efficient and stable. It is difficult to walk into a single urban area within the alpine country and not find a branch of the globally recognised brand. One of its...
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It’s 2023, fifteen years since the financial crisis of 2008, an event which many considered was unlikely to be repeated. Yet here we are again, with queues of concerned customers standing outside a large failed financial US institution, demanding the return of their deposits. So just how concerned should we be? What happened? Silicon Valley...
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