Wealth and Portfolio Management

We use our considerable experience in wealth management to create solutions that are tailor made for each individual client, taking into consideration their risk appetite, investment time horizon and liquidity requirements. Our independence plays a big role as we can truly choose best of market and do not have any internal pressures to choose our own funds.

Advisory Mandates
Our advisory service provides full access to our research portal and our investment expertise. However, the final investment decision rests with the client. The level of our involvement is dictated by the client, whether the requirement is for advice proactively or on a reactive basis.

Discretionary Mandates
A discretionary mandate is suitable for those clients who don’t have the time, experience or inclination to actively manage their own portfolio. Unlike banks that, due to their size, are quite inflexible in their discretionary approach, we are able to tailor every single portfolio to the exact specification of the client.

Tax and Wealth Planning

Edwards Wealth Management AG does not provide direct legal and tax advice. However, we are able to utilize our network to ensure the most suitable professionals are selected and consulted along every step of the journey.
This can include tax advice, legal counsel and trust planning, regardless of whether it is planning for your child’s education, buying a holiday home or simply optimizing your tax situation.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Services

Real Estate plays a very important role in holistic wealth management practices and whilst many clients are happy in gaining exposure through real estate funds or ETFs, others are far more comfortable in physically owning a property because of its tangible nature.

Edwards Wealth Management AG has experience in sourcing high quality real estate investment opportunities, with a focus in London (and the UK), Switzerland and the South of France. We are able to assist the client in structuring the ownership in the most tax efficient manner and in finding finance if required.

Private Equity Investments

As with Real Estate, investments into Private Equity are increasingly finding their way into client’s portfolios, particularly as they are non-correlated to traditional markets.

Edwards Wealth Management AG has successfully negotiated and placed several private equity investments for their clients.

Relocation and Citizenship Services

International relocation is an increasingly common way for high net worth individuals to manage their tax affairs. In addition to this, the possibility to obtain a second passport for HNWs and their families can be very compelling, particularly in such politically unstable times. Using our network, we can guide our clients through the often complex procedures of relocation and citizenship changes.